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Water and Gas Leak Detection Experts Serving Concord & Sydney

We can accurately locate the source of water leaks – Gas Leaks without expensive excavation or replacement. This method usually reduces the cost of leak repair to a small fraction of the cost of outdated and expensive search-and-destroy methods used decades ago in the plumbing industry. Methods include rarefaction wave correlation, vibration analysis, and trace gas induction and detection.

Concord Home or Commercial Leak Detection

We understand that the last thing you want is to discover a small flood from a broken water pipe. If left undetected, a leaky pipe can turn into a broken one, and could then cause damage to floord, walls, cabinets and even ceilings. Don’t wait for this to happen; as soon as you see any indication of a drip, give us a call to do a leak detection and prevent further damage. The sooner you call us, the faster we can fix the problem.

Under Floor Concrete Slab Leaks

Concrete Slab leaks are pressurized plumbing or piping leakage under or in the concrete floor. They are found in homes, businesses and industrial facilities built with slab-on-grade foundations. Slab leaks are also known as under-floor or in-floor leakage in domestic plumbing systems. Domestic water plumbing leaks may be hot-water slab leaks or cold-water slab leaks.